Discover the birds that inhabit the Ebro Delta

The main place to spot birds is the protected lagoon of La Bassa de los Olles, one of the smallest lagoons of the Ebro Delta, and starts at the Arenal beach, located in front of the camping.

The birds that can be observed are gulls, flamingos, real ducks, white herons, fishing martins or waders, among other species. The area has several viewpoints and own parking very easy access.

3 minutes from the camping

The Ebro Delta Natural Park is the only territory in Catalonia where flamingos nest. The Fangar Bay is a very special place to observe and photograph these birds, along with other species of birds such as cormorants, ardeids, gulls or sea birds.

The best time to watch the birds is during sunrise and sunset.

3 minutes from the camping

A few meters from Camping Ampolla Playa, in the interior of the Fangar Bay, you can enjoy a natural environment of shallow and calm waters such as Port Illa del Mar. Here the typical riparian flora predominates and one is another of the highlights of the Delta where birds nest.

Port Illa del Mar is another of the points that we recommend for the observation of birds such as flamingos, cormorants, day raptors or gulls.

10 minutes from the camping

La Tancada is a lagoon of 250 hectares with an exceptional natural environment and a rich fauna and vegetation.

Is the lagoon with the highest density of flamingos in the entire Delta. You can also see numerous species of ducks, gulls and waders, such as the crab egret, Common Morito, Piconegra Pagaza, Picofina Gull, Audouin Gull, among others.

In the lagoon of La Tancada there are three important viewpoints, and very easy to access on foot or by bicycle: Mirador de La Tancada / Observatori de La Tancada / Mirador de La Tancada 

 25 minutes from the camping

La Punta del Fangar is an icon of the Ebro Delta and a very important area for the breeding of sea birds, as well as a refuge and feeding area for migratory aquatic bird species.

We recommend visiting it in spring, coinciding with the nesting season, to be able to contemplate the beauty of the colonies of sea birds, which can be easily observed from the observatories located to the left of the access tracks.

20 minutes from the camping

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